Article 1: Personal account

  • User account: When registering an account on Tick, you must provide all necessary and accurate information about your Name, Email and Phone number. This is mandatory information related to supporting you during your study at Tick. We will send you an email to activate your course, notify you of the promotion, confirm the password change, and notifications related to your course ...
  • Tick will only support for cases with full and accurate information as mentioned above. Cases of missing or giving inaccurate information will not be solved when problems occur with accounts.

Article 2:  Information security

  • After you complete the payment, for each account, you will receive a password to log in. It is your responsibility to preserve the password yourself, if the password is exposed, Tick will not be responsible for any losses.
  • All your personal information will be kept confidential and not disclosed. However, when required by the authorities, we must provide this information in accordance with the law.
  • You have a lifetime ownership of registered and paid courses: unlimited number of times and duration of study.
  • Tick prohibits the transmission of videos, downloads and sharing videos on the Internet in any form. If infringed, your account will be locked and you will be responsible before the law for intellectual property infringement.

Article 3: Prohibited acts when using the service

  • It is strictly forbidden to use any tool or form to interfere, sabotage or infiltrate into courses on Tick's system.
  • It is strictly forbidden to distribute the contents of lectures on Tick's system to the outside. With any violations found, the account will be deleted and the case will be solved in accordance with the law.
  • Accounts will be immediately deleted when we detect that 2 people use the same account.
  • Tick prohibits all acts of harassing, cursing, mocking, disrespect towards others in any form: decry, gender, religion or ethnicity discrimination,...
  • It is strictly forbidden to impersonate or intentionally mislead yourself as another user in Tick's service system
  • Absolutely prohibit the discussion on political issues, religious discrimination, ethnic discrimination.
  • Do not have behaviors, attitudes that damage the reputation of products, services, courses in Tick's system. Do not impersonate Tick to cause confusion for learners in any way.
Tick ​​reserves the right to delete, correct or change the data and account information of the user in case he/she violates the above regulations without his/her consent.